A step closer
to truly clean oil.

Fractec’s Patented approach results in cleaner fracking that results in an increase of oxidation efficiency of 75% – setting a new standard in hydrocarbon decontamination.

Technology that super-charges decontamination chemicals before they enter oil or water​ — thus reducing the volume of chemicals required and saving money.

Fractec’s patented syngerstic reaction, formed by the combination of electromagnetic radiation and oxidizing agents, results in a decontamination process that is more efficient and better for the environment.

The Fractec Difference

Eliminates Costly Microbe
Induced Corrosion

Removes Damaging
Microbial Contamination

Reduces Loss of
Hydrocarbons by 10-14%

Fractec’s technology only requires 25% of the oxidizing agents and other chemicals commonly used in the industry.

Fractec’s system stops the degradation of hydrocarbons by microbes resulting in 10-14% more usable oil.

Fractec’s efficiency results in a decontamination process that’s 75% more cost effective than the industry standard.

How Fractec Works

After years of research and development, scientists at Fractec have discovered a precise lightwave application that forms a synergistic reaction with the oxidizing agents commonly used in the oil and gas industry. This synergistic reaction creates a decontamination process that is over 75% more efficient.

Current decontamination systems used in the industry only partially remove the bacteria and fungi that cause costly corrosion and sludge formation. These current systems use approximately 90% more chemicals than Fractec’s technology. Fractec’s patented system results in a process that is less expensive, more efficient and more environmentally friendly than current practices.

An Industry First

Current oxidizing agent applications in the oil and water industry are designed to produce an excess of oxidizing agent, commonly referred to as a “residual effect”. Existing technology results in a 5 ppm residual effect – meaning 5 ppm of the oxidizing agent remains in effect once the solution is pumped into a well during the hydraulic fracking process. This residual effect typically lasts for a few seconds or minutes.


Fractec’s test results show a 10ppm residual effect that lasts over 4 days as opposed to the industry standard of seconds or minutes. Additionally, Fractec provides this unprecedented residual effect with approximately 90% less chemical use. In practical terms, Fractec’s process continues to exert its effect for days after the solution has been deposited into the underground formation. For water purification, water treated by Fractec will remain free of microbes for days. For oil storage and transportation, the hydrocarbon remains free of microbes for days – helping control hydrogen sulfide gas.

A Truly Clean & Green Technology

Fractec easily integrates with equipment already in place at existing well sites, frack sites, storage facilities or transport systems. Fractec places a proprietary chamber in line with the current oxidizing agent induction system. In this chamber, the oxidizing agent is exposed to a specific wavelength of electromagnetic radiation creating a synergistic reaction that supercharges the oxidizing agent. When the supercharged oxidizing agent is added to the hydrocarbon and/or water it virtually sterilizes the fluid while also reducing unwanted mineral contamination. From this point forward, the growth of microbes is prevented. Additionally, as the oil is transported, Fractec’s technology can decontaminate the fluid at each collection point including tankers, pipelines, and refineries.

A Preemptive Approach

After the elimination of microbes, corrosion ceases. Once corrosion ceases, sludge formation stops. Fractec’s technology eliminates the formation of hydrogen sulfide gas. Our patented system fully decontaminates the hydrocarbons and water.At an injection well, microbe free water can be re-injected into the ground. Fractec is a truly green product that stands alone in the field of hydrocarbon and water decontamination technologies.

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Evaluation of Antibacterial Activity of Radiation and Hydrogen Peroxide Combination


Antibacterial Activity and Efficacy of Fractec’s Light Device and Test Substance

Why Fractec?

Fractec’s Trusted Industry Partners

A team of industry veterans

Paul Dabney

Chief Science Officer

With over 10 awarded patents and over 10 pending, Paul Dabney’s innovative approach to problem solving has resulted in applied technologies that utilize the synergistic reaction between oxidizing agents and radiation. His proven methodologies have spread throughout the medical device and antimicrobial industries — giving him and his team the knowledge and experience needed to help launch Fractec in the oil and gas industry. A solution-first philosophy and passion for green technologies have fueled his latest innovations — solidifying his position as a top researcher at the University of Texas.

Gabe Hoke

Chief Operating Officer

Gabe Hoke’s 15 years of experience managing 6th and 7th generation deepwater drilling rigs landed him with large operations in Chad, Angola, Brazil, and the U.S. Gulf of Mexico. He has received recognition including articles in Upstream Magazine as well as numerous awards for his focus on safety and performance. In 2016 Gabe assumed the role as Managing Partner of BOPX and Senior Vice President of SUBC USA. Both organizations specialize in regulatory and industry compliance and currently service drilling contractors and IOC’s across the globe.

Mark Anderson

Board of Directors

Leaning on his vast experience with drilling automation and mechanics, Mark Anderson serves as a trusted advisor to many of the top global oil and gas companies. His focus on technology management has led to numerous industry-wide innovations including: management of Shell’s “SCADAdrill” drilling automation project, deployment of an automated BOP testing technology across Shell’s entire Gulf of Mexico rig fleet, reduction of Shell’s abandonment liability by $1.351B, and the management of Shell’s proprietary artificial intelligence drilling project. Additionally, he’s secured 6 patents related to well construction and drilling mechanics as well as overseeing front-line well delivery as a Rig Superintendent in Shell Gabon.


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